La Ferme À Ciel is an Organic farm sitting on 110 acres that looks out on to the St. Lawrence River. We grow over two dozen medicinal herbs and botanicals on approximately ten acres utilizing regenerative agricultural and Organic practices to produce the highest quality dried herbs in a transparent and intentional way.

Our Values

  • Environmental Restoration

    We believe that business should be a means to affect positive outcomes. The genesis of La Ferme À Ciel - even before medicinal herbs was an idea in our mind - was to restore and regenerate soil and to have a positive impact on the land and on our climate.

  • Exceptional Product & Transparency

    Healthy soil makes for healthy plants! We build our soils so the soil can provide the plants with the nutrients they need when they need them. In being stewards of the land we control every step of the growing process and can ensure the highest quality products from seed to your home.

  • Health & Joy

    Healthy soil makes for a healthier you. The connection between what we consume and how we feel has never been more clear. Nutrient dense plants provide our bodies the nutrients and the compounds we need to live more full lives, and to ultimately experience more joy and gratitude.

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